What People Are Saying!

Caroline Lewis-Jones

Mom, Professional Dancer & Holistic Life Coach!

Rose Boozer

Debey helped me with pinpointing the main cause of my chronic infections and addressed them in a way that was not too overwhelming. This changed my mental perspective on how I am in charge of the quality of my life.”

Karyn Khare

“I’ve just joined the Lil Duck kombucha challenge and I am so happy that I did. Kombucha, with so many healthy attributes, now takes the place of my morning juice and my bedtime drink (which used to be milk), as well as 4 ounces at lunch and dinner. It’s absolutely delicious, tastes so fresh and also has just a hint of fizziness.”

Amanda Drinkall

I have had a sensitive stomach for several years now. Drinking a glass of Lil Duck everyday has really soothed my tummy. And what’s even better, my pickiest eater loves it and has no idea it’s good for him!